Identity Found, Evens Story

Evens Presume was born in central Bahamas. One of three children, their family was familiar with poverty and often, hunger. With the death of his father at the age of 7, his mother could no longer care for him or his 2 brothers. She soon relinquished rights and Evens and his two brothers moved to the Old Bight Mission Home in Cat Island.  

Evens recently shared his story and testimony in an interview with Y4O. He is now 23 years old and has a beautiful daughter, Jayla. Evens enjoys playing the guitar, farming, the beach, and most of all photography. He has held close ties with many friends from the Old Bight Mission Home, some of whom he sees weekly at church.  

“I did not know what love was before that.” 

When we sat down with Evens, he reminisced on summers with Y4O and friends he made. He shares stories of crabbing with Wesley and Bryce and listening to bible stories. “I put those stories to my heart,” says Evens. He knew who Jesus was but did not know what Jesus had done for him. It was on Cat Island that he really began his relationship with Christ. Evens believes without the mission home his life would have turned out completely different. “I would probably be a criminal or even dead.” He says the Old Bight Mission home quickly provided a deep system, a system of family. “Everyone showed me, love. I did not know what love was before that.” 

When asked about his favorite Bible verse, Evens did not hesitate, he knew exactly what it was and why. His favorite verse, Philippians 4:13, carried him through the struggles of school and even resonates with him now. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” provided encouragement in times of doubt and uncertainty.  

“I cut myself off from other people, even those who wanted to help me.”

Evens shared the tough times he had transitioning from the children’s home on Cat Island to the home in Nassau, “it was so loud, and I was often bullied, so I cut myself off from other people, even those who wanted to help me.” He quickly understood that the only way to get the “pain out of his chest” was to talk to someone who could help him learn to have compassion for those who hurt him.

Learning to be compassionate helped him to later visit his mother and learn about the circumstances that led to the three brothers becoming wards of the state. Although it was difficult, Evens learned the tragedy of his father’s suicide and turned it over to Christ to help him break any cycles that would lead to such a desperate future.  

“You are on earth to follow God and be an example. To be a disciple.”

Recently, Evens enrolled in our CORE Leadership program. He has been working closely with a mentor who lives stateside in Ohio. Evens explains with CORE he has found more meaning and purpose to the God-given identity he first found at Old Bight. Tom, Even’s mentor, testifies that he is set apart. He sees a great future for Evens, a future of leadership and mentoring. Evens has a heart not only for the gospel but sharing it with young children. “You are on earth to follow God and be an example. To be a disciple.”   

Jennifer Hand, co-founder of Y4O, says Evens is the “future of the Bahamas”. God has instilled a gift of understanding and teaching within him. Evens is exploring ways he can mentor children who are in the home of Nassau and how he can give back. He knows that his story can help another child see how he overcame his circumstances through Christ. We are so excited to see what remarkable things God has in store for Evens and what all he accomplishes.  

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Author: Brittany Weston, Communications Intern