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The Mentor Effect

Hear about the impact of Advance the Faith’s online academy from one of our mentee’s!

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Practical Guide to Following Jesus 

Our free guide will provide you with consistency and accountability as you navigate your Christian Faith.

“How will I know unless someone tells me?”-Acts 8:31

We created this program to make Christian discipleship accessible and relatable to everyone, which is why our academy content and mentoring is absolutely free.


Grow in your Christian faith, understand the Bible and your beliefs, and develop relationships that will help you achieve your goals.


Our trained mentors are committed, mature Christians who walk alongside you as a guide, advisor, and friend. Their goal is to meet you where you are and encourage you on your journey.


We offer a safe space to share joys, struggles, and concerns. Our team is focused on providing content, insight, and direction all through biblical principles you value.

“Having a dedicated mentor has meant a lot, in times of need. He’s been there to talk and really pray with me. He’s been there to talk about any questions I’ve had about God. He’s really been a strong rock in my life.” 

-Aidan, Academy Mentee

Transformative Community

The Advance the Faith Academy (formerly CORE Leadership) offers transformative experiences with free online content & mentoring, along with peer-to-peer engagement in powerful settings. 

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