Staff Members

Terry Hand
Founder and President
Jennifer Hand
Co-founder and Director of Operations
Sage Boysen
Director of Empowered Education
Rebecca Clark
Director of Connections
Brittany Weston
Communications Lead

Our Why

"I am part of the Advance the Faith team to make long-term discipleship resources accessible to the next generation."

“I love seeing the transformative connections and working with individuals focused on amplifying the mission of Christ.”

"I’m with Advance the Faith because my desire is to see Christ’s name proclaimed."

"This team has their heart set on loving and serving others like Jesus and bringing the hope of the Gospel to everything they do (locally and overseas)."

"I work with Advance the Faith because of the organization's desire to foster an environment of sustainability for various individuals and communities in need of both economic and spiritual growth."

"Through the efforts of Advance the Faith, I believe that individuals can be affected for the greater good through the care and devotion of Christlike leadership."

"The work Advance the Faith is doing is God's work."

Board Members

Peter Pytlik
Madi Cona
Serena Josephson
Board Member
Lou Traina
Board Member
Chuck Spears
Board Member
Mars Desire
Board Member