Madi Cona


Madi Cona is a busy wife who spends most days building her business and teaching her three teenage daughters the way to living a life that would make Jesus proud.  As a native Neapolitan and settling back into Naples life 21 years ago with her attorney husband, Christopher, Madi found relief from the hectic hustle and bustle of raising three young children when a friend produced a chance to become an entrepreneur. Little did she know, that would open doors to many more opportunities where she was able to fine tune her skills in marketing, business operations and development and interpersonal relationships in a rapidly changing internet-based world.

As luck would have it, a brief conversation with a friend about his experience on a recent Cat Island trip, Advance the Faith created such opportunities for her and her family.  This not only provided a positive experience to the orphans on Cat Island, who Advance the Faith was eager to help, but also gave a fresh perspective to how people can work together in helping others and grow personally through Jesus Christ.