Food Crisis in Haiti

You may have heard about the ongoing economic and civil unrest issues in Haiti. Our friends on the island of La Gonave have been insulated from the dangerous upheaval that has been plaguing the mainland for the past few months, however, the lack of fuel and inability to get to food sources has created a dire situation on the island.

The pallets of food we sent earlier this year will be gone soon and some of the leaders in the community stopped eating days ago in order to feed the women and children.

The almost 2 months of protests have virtually shut down the Haitian economy and have pushed people who were on the edge of existence into a major crisis. Pastor Agones says that there is some food in the market on La Gonave but the prices have almost doubled and people are out of work because of the protests. The people cannot afford to purchase the little bit of food that is available on the island and have no way to get to the mainland. Pastor Agones is hopeful that he can get to some relatives, via a sailboat, on the mainland and purchase food to bring back to the church, orphanage, school, and community.  We believe that $10,000 will sustain the community for about 5 weeks as well as support the orphanage and school until the next container can hopefully get there.

Some people in Haiti see their situation as hopeless but we know that there is always hope in Jesus Christ.  Let’s show the people of LaGonave that they can have hope! Please consider giving what you can to help our friends on LaGonave.

If you would like to read more about the crisis in Haiti, here is an article from the NY Times that is fairly accurate.