5 Things I Wish I Would’ve Known Before College

Establishing Solid Friendships Takes Time 

The same people sitting next to you in your high school classes are probably the same ones who sat next to you in your kindergarten class. They’re probably your childhood best friends, your next-door neighbors, your first boyfriend or your first girlfriend – either way, you’ve probably been around them your whole life. But now, everyone is going to be new and different, and it’s time to find your new people. Join clubs. Go to events. Say hi to the people in your dorm hall. At the end of the day, it’s all about going outside of your comfort zone to establish those meaningful, lifelong friendships. 

It’s All About Balance 

Time management is key for a well-balanced college life. Unlike high school, you will have a lot of free time in college because you don’t have class all day, every day. It’s easy to get distracted with all the extra activities you can participate in, but don’t neglect your classes and homework. Make learning your top priority, but also make time to enjoy college life by attending that dorm room event on Thursday night or that club meeting you are super interested in. 

You Can Avoid The Freshman Fifteen  

The freshman fifteen, one of the most timeless tales of a college student’s freshman year, is avoidable and doesn’t happen to everyone. Most campuses offer free gym memberships, so be sure to take advantage of that. It’s also a great way to hang out and get to know those new people you are meeting, so you don’t have to go alone. Or, if you do go alone, it’s a great way to meet new people, too!  Another fun idea is to partake in group fitness classes like kickboxing, zumba, or cycling! Walking to class instead of taking the shuttle and Incorporating vegetables into every meal are also good ways to stay healthy during this new stage of life! 

Internships Are Everything  

The most valuable experience you can gain during your college career doesn’t come from the classroom, but it comes from internships. Apply for an internship every year you’re in college, even if you think you’re not qualified. You never know what opportunity will present itself, and the value you will gain from it is unmatched. Internships allow you to explore different professions so you can best decide what kind of job you want to pursue post-college. The networking connections you will make are invaluable, and the variety of experiences you have the chance to accumulate can only be done during your precious four years in college. 

College Will Fly By 

And speaking of those precious four years, before you know it, they will have soared by. You will be walking across the stage in your cap & gown, accepting your diploma, and celebrating one of the biggest achievements of your life! So, don’t give up & make sure you take advantage of all the time you have in college with your friends. This is the only time in your life where you will live with your best friends, have limited responsibilities, and never be bored! As Psalm 37:4 says, “Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.” So most importantly, no matter how fast time goes, always make time to appreciate every moment of college by following Christ every step of the way, and it will be the most amazing experience of your life!